June 1, 2011

Paschaltide: Jesus, what a special time this is in our monastic life. Seven weeks of rejoicing with gratitude in our hearts for the mystery of our redemption. I guess I can still truly say that I don't fully understand what it is all about but I do know that you died and rose and that is enough for me to join in singing the hundreds of "Alleluias" we sing when praying the Divine Office seven times a day. It is as though we cannot help ourselves from rejoicing over and over again each day during this time of resurrection joy. I have noticed that it is even hard to stay "down" too long if I am experiencing a struggle over anything in the Easter season as the "Alleluias" continue to sing even when my heart may feel a little sad, or confused. Easter tells me that I need never be afraid of those times when things seem to be going wrong, which occur in every human heart. Jesus, remember the day when someone said to me using my name, "Why are you crying?" It was a moment I found myself in the garden with Mary when Jesus said to her, "Woman, why are you crying" and then he said her name, "Mary."" The tenderness of that human voice touched my heart just as it touched Mary Magdalene's heart and I knew I was healed of inner pain. Our own little resurrections are but a glimpse of your mighty resurrection which we celebrate during this season. Thank you. You know I love you.

Sister Gabriella