May 19, 2011

Once a year we each take a private retreat. This is a time of solitude and silence which we greatly appreciate. I just had my retreat. I like taking my retreat in May because it is usually so beautiful and full of life. Sometimes when I am walking around outside I think to myself "I live in paradise". Also I like to get my flower garden cleaned up and planted. We are usually still in the Easter season so the theme of finding Jesus in the garden is very much in my mind. I find it so easy to pray when I am gardening. Nothing frees my mind up as does weeding. It is a week of total silence. It is so restful and uncluttered. I come off retreat wishing to be a hermit so I can extend the experience. My sisters are amused at that; knowing that it is really not my call. Maybe it isn't but it is really important for all of us to take time apart to just be with the Lord without distraction, without company. It is a practice that feeds and sustains us.