January 26, 2011

When I woke up this morning at 3:30 it was about -13 degrees below 0 outside. It wasn't easy getting out of the warm bed. After a cup of coffee, vigils and an hour of quiet prayer I went into our reading room off the library to do my lectio divina on the scripture readings for the day. The gospel was from Mark, very short and the gist of it was that Jesus' family thought he was crazy. Now lectio divina is a slow reading process designed to bring one deeper into the text and discover what the text is saying to me at this particular moment. Hmm, what am I to do with that one. Did they think he was crazy because he wasn't taking care of himself? The rest of the text said he was so busy healing people that he didn't have time to eat. Certainly his mother would be concerned about that. He was curing people, there was no doubt about that, that wasn't crazy, just plain miraculous. No, I think the worry about Jesus being crazy came from just down home "he's crazy"; being so busy, not looking out for number 1. Oh, Lord help me to be so crazy. Back to quiet prayer for a while and then the rest of the day. May what is in my heart at prayer penetrate into my day for the good of all around me.

Sister Maggie