January 2, 2011

Today is the feast of Epiphany; one of many feasts during the Christmas season. We have a tradition with our crèches the three kings don’t arrive until the feast of Epiphany. Between Christmas and Epiphany you can see the kings wandering around windowsills, bookshelves, even outdoors; anywhere on the property until they finally arrive at their proper crèche scene. Sometimes the traditions surrounding a feast, and they are legion in a monastery, can seem silly but they serve their purpose. They are reminders, sacramentals, of the reality of what we are celebrating. We are the three kings wandering on the earth seeking God. We wander to and fro, sometimes on the path, sometimes wandering far. But we are seekers and we know that God does manifest himself on the earth. These kings or Magi that have been wandering around the house and property help us to remember what we are seeking and to look for the Lord everywhere.

Sister Maggie