December 18, 2010

I got news this past week that a long time friend has stage 4 brain cancer and has less than a year to live. There were no signs or symptoms, no warning that this was coming. All I could think of is that she now has her ticket home, a train ticket, no less, a ticket for the final journey. Her family and friends are surrounding her with love and prayer. She is experiencing the love and great care of the care-givers in the hospital. She can't say enough how great they have all been. My friend is a faith filled woman, a woman who has always lived for God as primary in her life. Is she afraid? Yes. Aren't we all afraid of the unknown? In some ways what she is experiencing now is a foretaste of heaven where she will experience love in its fullness. Please join me in praying for my friend and her family, that they may be filled with courage and strength.

Sister Maggie