Saint. Jerome Said

O desolate desert rejoicing in God's familiar presence! What keeps you in the world, brother? You are above and beyond the world. How long is the shade of a house going to conceal you? How long will the grimy prisons of those cities intern you? Believe me, out here, I see more light than you; and how wonderful it is, flinging aside the weight of the body to fly into the pure radiant sky! Are you afraid of poverty? Christ calls the poor blessed. Or does strenuous work frighten you? Without sweat no athlete wins trophies. Worried about lack of food? Faith never feels the pangs of hunger. Do you fear that the bare ground will bruise a body emaciated by fasting? The Lord lies there on the ground beside you. The desert's infinite vastness terrifies you? In the spirit you may stroll in Paradise: as often as you ascend there in contemplation, so often shall you leave the desert!

(St. Jerome - d. 420)

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